dont be afraid to go it alone

recorded in 2009 london, pre ban drone hittin hard, fake raves in bussey building, everyones catty & chatting shit, movin bait.I was born into a cult fixated with paranormale travel , shun-dada koreunda, moree-undada fa sai, a gaspar noe remake, maybe its maybelinne maybe its m-cat.

In too deep , I ran away to study chemistry at king's college only to be kicked out for setting fire to the department n my final year ,baba yaga was always by my side , 078 tinkerbell.

In 2066 i made a promise to my driver to get sober,  ola lathos ‘όλα λάθος’- all wrong , they told me to go to rehab and I said nai nai nai. less is definitely ‘mas o menos’ more or less. I couldn’t decipher the codes to get me home

everything is the same in hell , palm trees morph into opium

climax coda for a drowned world / 1 life is 2 much and 1000 is not enough

first your money than your clothes sippin with the audience of eternity 

Amongst the massive sewage of online self help gurus, dont be afraid to go it alone.